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At the start of my career, I began as a dancer. 

My teacher was Maxine Asbury, owner of the Asbury School of Dance in Houston, TX.  She taught me how to dance and gave me the opportunity to perform.  Ms. A. was more than just a dance teacher, she was my mentor.  She believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams.  She was the first person in my life that saw my gifts, drew them out of me, and began to shape me into a performer.  She helped me believe in myself and was always there for me.  Ms. A. had three children who were very successful in show business in both California and on Broadway.  Ms. A. continued to dance until she passed away on the closing night of her final show with the

Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. 

She was 83 years old. 

Keep checking back for more pictures to come later!

I know I have more pictures, I just have to find them!

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