Cindy St. Cyr

All Around Delightful Entertainer!


Cindy Has Worked With

Piano - Tom Borling, Bobby Markoff, JP Daine,

              Bob Henschen, Casey Keirnan, 

              Charlie Prause, Austin Biel

Bass - Robert Knetsch, Bill Murry, Keith Vivens

Guitar - Mike Wheeler, Mike Nase, Buford Noris

Drums - Joel Fulgham, Chris Brown, Tom Cummings, Don Payne

Saxophone - Mark Holter, Jimmy Lingenfelter,

                        Pete Leija, Woody Witt, Bob Kuldell

Trumpet - Nelson Mills, Andy Lingenfelter,

                    Eddie Rojas

                   ...and many more!

Wall of Fame!

Cindy St. Cyr

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