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Music in Senior Care

For Seniors, Caregivers, Activity Directors & Staff

Houston Music and Wellness Center

Sing!  Drum!  Play!

music for wellness

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Cindy's Singing Shows

& Live Bands!

  • 25 Singing Performance Shows to choose from

  • CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band

  • Cindy St. Cyr Big Band

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Drumming Programs

for Seniors

  • HealthRHYTHMS  

  • Healing Drum Kit Workshop 

  • Aroma Therapy Drumming with Essential Oils

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Staff Development

  • Team Building

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Drum Circle Facilitation Training for Activity Directors

Cindy has performed for more than 400 senior homes

in Houston, TX and surrounding areas,

as well as Austin and San Antonio, TX and Louisiana, Missouri, and Kansas City. 

She performs an average of 260 concert performances,

and facilitates approximately 150 drum circles

for the senior communities, each year.



Cindy has been providing music entertainment for seniors for many years. 

She began performing for them as a dancer of ballet, jazz, tap, and line dancing with a group.

Then she created a group variety show and began taking music performances into senior homes. 

She later developed a one-woman show which has grown into 25 different singing shows,

some of which continue to be requested over and over again. 

Her Roaring 20's Show and Patriotic Show are the most highly requested.


Cindy realized quickly the powerful effect that music had on the residents. 

This inspired her to seek out music and wellness programs to be able to offer more beneficial programs for seniors in addition to her singing shows.  She learned of REMO's HealthRHYTHMS,

group drumming for health program, received her training from the top trainers in the world who created the program, and began bringing drumming for health programs into the senior homes. 

Cindy blazed the trail in Houston for Drumming with Seniors. 

Cindy's Work in Senior Care

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