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Drumming Photos

Wow!  Who would have ever thought that I would fall in love with DRUMMING!  Well, drumming for health and wellness that is.  My sister, Jackie St. Cyr, introduced me to drumming.  She thought that it would be something I could add to my work with the senior communites in addition to my singing for them. 


My sister and I drove to Austin for the HealthRHYTHMS training with REMO.  Dr. Barry Bittman, one of the creators of the program, remembered me from my training with him for a Yamaha piano wellness program called Clavinova Connection.  I went to say hello to him before the training began

and then he told me to lead the drum circle. 


"What?  Me?  Lead the drum circle?" 

I had never even been to a drum circle, besides the one my sister had led.  I didn't have a clue what to do. 


Barry and Christine Stevens, the third great mentor in my life, gave me some instructions, I went out there, did what they told me to do, and lo and behold, the group followed my lead!

I was hooked from that moment on...

It was the most amazing experience!

I came home from the training inspired and ready to make a difference in peoples lives with this new HealthRHYTHMS program.  I blazed the trail for drum circles for wellness

with the senior community in Houston, TX. 

Now I am branching out to the workplace environments

as well as education.  I love drumming!


Pictures below are from my training, drumming coaches and mentors,

as well as a few photos from the many drum circles I have facilitated.

Drumming with

Coaches and Colleagues

Drumming with Coaches & Colleagues
Cindy with Drum
2015-08-17 14.36.51
Cindy, Christine Stevens, Jackie_edited.
Cindy and Gathering Drum_edited
Cindy, Dr. Barry Bittman, Jackie
Christine and Cindy
Cindy&ArthurHull 20180408_edited
Cindy & Jackie
N8 Chiro 5
Facilitating Team Building & Groups

Facilitating Group Drumming

Team Building & Drum Circle Workshops

2018-08-07 23.01.22
2018-08-09 15.27.21
2018-08-09 15.53.47
shaker pass train-trainer 4-2018
7-Inspirational Beats10
Walk to End Alzheimer's

Photos are from 7 Events for the 

Walk to End Alzheimer's


Drumming with Seniors

Here are a few pictures, there are many more

beautiful experiences not shown here.

Walk to End Alzheimer's 2015
2015-09-19 07.49.08-1
2015-09-19 08.06.12
2015-10-03 08.22.18
2015-09-26 09.42.14
2015-10-17 08.20.27-1
2015-11-07 08.13.25
2015-11-07 08.50.46
2015-10-10 08.01.15
2015-10-17 09.07.46
2015-10-17 07.48.43
drum circle 002
drum circle 001
Teens and Seniors Drumming - 6-24-16 St.
2013-04-17 11.06.48
Drumming with Seniors
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