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Entertainment for Seniors

Cindy St. Cyr

All Around Delightful Entertainer!

Entertainment for Seniors

Cindy St. Cyr

All Around Delightful Entertainer!

Cindy's Singing Shows 

CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band

Big Band
Sing-Along Products

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Cindy's Singing Shows!

Live with Tracks!

for Seniors

Cindy specializes in and All Around Delightful Singing Shows for Older Adults.  Her Singing Shows are inspiring, engaging, interactive, as well as educational, and are designed to stimulate memory, improve mood, and more. 

Cindy has created more than 25 shows for older adults in a variety of styles, decades, artist and composer tributes, as well as themed and a variety of Holiday sing along shows. 

Cindy provides music for your entertainment needs as a solo act using professional background recordings of real professional bands.  She brings her personality and voice to the mix making this a great option for your party or special event.

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Cindy St. Cyr 

CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band

For Special Events

Cindy's Jazz Band consists of 3-5 of some of Houston's top musicians.  A variety of instruments make up this band depending upon your needs.  Musicians include Vocals (of course!), Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Saxophone.  

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Cindy St. Cyr Big Band!

For Special Events

Need a Big Band for your event? Band consists of 10-18 musicians.  Cindy has been singing with Big Bands in Houston since 1996.  Musicians include Vocals (of course!), Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone.

Stroll CD Cover.jpg

A Stroll Down Memory Lane 

Audio Sing-Along Programs for Seniors

Cindy created this Stroll Down Memory Land Audio Sing along especially for the senior community.  A perfect product for the Activity Director to use with her residents as a sing along of favorite songs from the 1920's and 30's, which were popular all through the 1950's and 60's.  Some are still popular jazz standards today.

To learn more about this product, and other sing along programs of this type, visit Cindy's Store.

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