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Youth Empowerment Drumming

Becoming an Orchestra of Sound

Session 1

An empowering 2-hour drum circle event that takes your students from a group of individuals to becoming an orchestra of sound.  Cindy leads the students in a fun, step-by-step, easy to follow format that builds confidence each step of the way. 

Students are taught everything from how to hold and play their instruments, to basic rhythm patterns, as well as the basic communication skills used in a drum circle.  Creativity and expression are encouraged.

Instruments will be provided.  No Prior Musical Experience is Necessary! 

Youth Empowerment Drumming

The Art of Leadership

Session 2

Take it to the Next Level! 

After completing the "Creating an Orchestra of Sound" Team Building Event, Students will be ready for the next Session, "The Art of Leadership". 

​The Art of Leadership is an empowering 2-hour drum circle event that takes your students on a journey of recognizing the music within the music by appreciating the unique individuality that each team member has to offer.  Leadership develops through the art of listening, group participation, and communication skills.

Students will be given the opportunity to apply leadership skills, by practicing and presenting the verbal and non-verbal communication skills learned in this session, by facilitating the drum circle through jump-time.

Youth Empowerment Drumming

Continuing the Journey of Sound - Advanced Thematic Programs

Sessions 3 through 8

Continuing the Journey of Sound

After completing Sessions 1 and 2, "Creating an Orchestra of Sound" and "The Art of Leadership", students will be ready to Continue the Journey of Sound with Advanced Thematic Programs.

These final sessions are designed as a 6-week workshop, 1-hour sessions each, to develop Team Building and Leadership Skills with Kids using the drum circle as a tool.  Leadership skills are further developed in the drum circle through discussions on the topic of leadership, self expression, creativity, and the practice of inspiring others through encouragement and praise.  Instruments will be provided.  No Prior Musical Experience is Necessary! 

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