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Voice Lessons

for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Suitable for Home School Programs

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Teens Voice Workshops

Learn to Sing

7th-12th Grade 

Suitable for Home School Programs

Coming in 2019

Vocal Techniques

  • In this workshop, teens will learn proper Posture and Breathing, Tone, and how to Warm Up the voice for effective singing. 

  • Other topics include Rhythm, Diction, Dynamics, Expanding Your Range, Performance Techniques, and Vocal Health.   

  • Students will receive CD-Accompaniment Tracks to continue applying these principles throughout the week. 

Vocal Health

  • In this session, students learn about Vocal Health and how to properly care for their voice, getting proper rest, what you eat and how it affects the voice, how to avoid common vocal abuses, and how to decrease vocal strain.


Learn Songs, Rehearsal, Performance

  • Students will have the opportunity to learn and sing new songs each week, for their own solo performance. 

  • There will also be a rehearsal and graduating performance at the conclusion of the workshop.

Certificate of Completion

  • Students receive a certificate of completion from Houston Music and Wellness Center after completion of the program. 


Home School Programs

  • This program is suitable for Home School Programs. 

  • Students are tested on their knowledge. 

Cindy's Technique

  • Cindy uses the vocal techniques and style of her personal Vocal Coach, Chris Beatty, who resides in Nashville, TN.  She trained with him both personally and in group settings.  Chris was also instrumental in coaching Cindy to get started as a vocal coach.  Chris Beatty has trained many Grammy and Dove Award Winning artists.

Contact Cindy for more information about this program for your group.

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