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Workplace Wellness Series

For Employees, Teachers, Caregivers, and Staff


A Series of Workshops that Deliver Results

Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Organization

A Series of HealthRHYTHMS Workshops that Deliver Results

Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Organization

For Best Results this program is

Recommended as a 6-Week Group Empowerment Workshop

(Can be done as individual Sessions)

Beat Burnout

Session 1

High stress can weaken the immune system and cause exhaustion in the body. Of those US adults surveyed in 2015, 42 percent reported feeling nervous or anxious due to stress. Research shows that HealthRHYTHMS Reduces Stress and Burnout Rates and Improves Mood.  In this program we will engage in some fun activities developed by a neuroscientist to reduce stress.

Reversing the Destructive Powers of Stress

Session 2

Stress is your body's reaction to situations that are perceived as dangerous or demanding.  Research has demonstrated that over time, chronic stress can contribute to numerous health conditions triggered by stress and are likely individualized... programmed to your DNA.  The good news is that is program reverses stress on your DNA, strengthens your Immune System, improves your mood, increases your creativity, and develops closer bonding with others.

Discover Your Own Personal Rhythm

Session 3

Studies have shown that people who engage in self care: regular exercise, healthy nutrition, sleep, and find satisfaction in work and personallives have less anxiety, depression and illness. HealthRHYTHMS is a social/emotional skill building program that may improve our enjoymentof life. So today we are going to do some fun activities that were designed by a neuroscientist to empower you.

A Fresh Start, Refresh Your Spirit, Find Your Rhythm

Session 4

We are here today to empower ourselves do try new things through creative musical expression. And no prior musical experience is required.The things that we anticipate from this research-based technique are: reduced stress, improved mood, improved creativity and a sense of connection and grounding. We will use the drums as a tool for communicating with each other in unique ways.

Break Out!  Change Management

Session 5

2006 Study of how organizational change impacted workers 680 subjects found that job strain, low decision latitude, effort-reward imbalance, and low reward (especially job instability) were associated with depressive symptoms and/or psychiatric disorders. Social support at work played a role to reduce depressive symptoms. HealthRHYTHMS is an evidence-based program that research has shown to reduce stress, improve mood, strengthen the immune system and improve creativity and bonding. Today, we are going to use drums in fun and unusual ways that require no prior musical experience, to reduce negative effects related to change.

Reimagine Life Through Rhythm

Session 6

HealthRHYTHMS is an Evidence-Based Programs for Supporting Healthy Aging.  This program also Improves Mood, Increases Creativity, and Reduces Stress.

Studies have shown that as we age people who are socially active have more healthy cognitive function. So important, according to a study in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, that a one point increase in social activity was associated with a 47% decrease in the rate of decline in global cognitive function. The benefits of moderate exercise on balance and preventing falls can also not be overstated.  The HealthRHYTHMS Program has 7-critical elements for healthy aging: Stress Reduction, Exercise, Self-Expression, Builds Camaraderie,  Experience Support and Nurturing, Spirituality, and Music-Making! 

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