Voice Lessons

for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Suitable for Home School Programs

Onstage Performance Workshop - A Seminar

for the Performing Artist

Giving Back to the Community

Suitable for Home School Programs

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level!

This Workshop is for Students who have graduated from one or both of the Kids and Teens Workshops. 


  • Students have the opportunity to learn  songs and develop performing skills. 

  • Students will design a variety show based on their unique talents. 

  • Students will further their performance skills, by performing in the show they have created for a local community organization.

Students will Learn How to:

  • Connect with the Audience 

  • Movement, Tools, and Techniques

  • How to Create a Show

  • Selecting Songs and Making Moments

  • Onstage Confidence

  • Connect with the Audience 

  • Performance Opportunity


Certificate of Completion

  • Students receive a certificate of completion from Houston Music and Wellness Center after completion of the program. 


Home School Programs

  • This program is suitable for Home School Programs. 

  • Students are tested on their knowledge.

Cindy's Technique

  • Cindy uses the skills and techniques she learned from the workshops and training she received from Tom Jackson, one of the most highly sought after music producers in the world.   

    • "This was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  Taking Tom's workshop had a huge impact on my stage performances."  -- Cindy St. Cyr

Contact Cindy for more information about this program for your group.

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