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Cindy Sings

American Patriotic Sing Along


Cindy's Patriotic Show is one of her

most highly requested performances.

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Cindy sings the traditional American Patriotic Songs!  This is one of Cindy's most highly requested performances with many invitations to return year after year .  Her show is fun, educational, and engaging , as she tells the historical stories  behind each song!  She leads the audience to participate by singing along on each song.  Giving honor to each branch of the military, by singing the military songs, Cindy recognizes our great Veterans.

Each Patriotic holiday show has its own flair mixed with
history of that particular holiday and fun trivia facts.

Cindy sings these songs...and more...

Air Force Song  


America The Beautiful  

Army Song

Battle Hymn Of The Republic    

Deep In The Heart Of Texas  


God Bless America  

Heal Our Land   

Marine’s Hymn  

Navy Song  

Star Spangled Banner  

The Pledge Of Allegiance    

This Is My Country    

This Land Is Your Land  

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Yankee Doodle Boy   

You’re A Grand Old Flag  

Lewis LaGesse - Lori LaGesse's
Lewis LaGesse - Lori LaGesse's Father2.j

Lewis LaGesse - Pearl Harbor Survivor

This is a picture of Lewis LaGesse, a Pearl Harbor Survivor.  I went to school with Lewis's daughter Lori LaGesse.  It was an priviledge to sing for him and the other residents giving honor to our Veterans.  KHOU Channel 11 did a special on him.


I have had the honor of singing for many of our Veterans.  It is always a joy to recognize them by singing our Great American Patriotic Songs.   This generation 

is the most appreciative and they sing these songs from their hearts with great enthusiasm!  Many of them have shared their war stories with me.  I thank them deeply for their service and will look forward to always honoring them in song.

Cindy's Patriotic Show is one of her most highly requested performances.

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