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Team Building & Professional Development Series

Drum Circle Facilitation Training

For Activity Directors and Music Teachers

Empowering Leaders in The Art of Music Making

An empowering and fun workshop that engages in the

leadership skills necessary for Facilitating Drum Circles.

Drum Circle Facilitation Training

For Activity Directors and Music Teachers


Learn the basic skills of Drum Circle Facilitation and begin leading your own music making drum circles with the residents or students. 


Things you will learn at the Workshop

  • Learn basic drum techniques,

  • Learn how to play the drum for creative expression

  • Learn the basic drum circle facilitation skills

  • Learn wellness exercises to begin the process of stress reduction

  • Learn ice-breakers to get your group to feel energized and comfortable

  • Learn about the science behind the music 

  • Learn how to select proper instrumentation

  • Learn how to develop thematic programs

  • Learn about self-care and stress reduction

  • Learn how to set up the drum circle


An empowering and fun workshop that engages in leadership facilitation training using a variety of instruments and techniques.

Price / Amount of Time / CEU's

What Qualifies Cindy to Teach this Workshop? 

Training and Experience!

Cindy blazed the trail for Drum Circle Facilitation for Wellness with the Senior Community in Houston, TX.  With her pioneering spirit she facilitates close to 200 drum circles a year.


In 2009, Cindy became a trained HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator with REMO after being trained by world renowned Music Therapist, and Drum Circle Facilitator, Christine Stevens who has been her drum coach and business coach since 2013.  Cindy has had extensive training with Christine as well as other courses in the Drum Circle Facilitation community.

Most recently Cindy trained with Arthur Hull, the Father of the Drum Circle Facilitation movement, adding him to her amazing list of coaches.  Arthur encouraged Cindy to take her business to the next level by taking her skills into the business world and into the field of education to work with staff and students. 


Cindy has also studied with Mary Tolena, Drum Circle Facilitator and specialist in the area of Drumming in Business.  Cindy has also studied Drum Circle Facilitation skills with Solomon Masala, of Source Consulting Group, in the area of Drumming in Education.  His amazing energy is captivating!

See pictures below of Cindy's Drumming Coaches and of her facilitating!

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