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About Cindy

Cindy St. Cyr

All Around Delightful Entertainer

Big Bands and Jazz Bands


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A Delightful Note from the Heart of Cindy

"It is wonderful in life when we get to do what we love.  I always felt like I was born to sing in a big band.  I am grateful to the Lord for giving me these opportunities to sing and I look forward to more to come."  Do what you love!






Cindy's Work with Big Bands

Cindy has been singing with Big Bands in Houston since 1996.  Cindy was the lead singer with the Texas Jazz Central Big Band for 16 years (1996-2012).  She also sang with Third Coast Swing for a while and had the honor of singing with Bob Kuldell's Orchestra on a few occasions.  Third Coast Swing is currently one of the bands that backs Cindy for Big Band engagements.

From Cindy - About Bob Kuldell

"Bob Kuldell was the first person who saw that I had a gift of singing, particularly the music of the big band era.  He was a great encouragement to me and gave me my first exposure to singing with a band.  Later, Bob joined Texas Jazz Central Big Band and played Baritone Saxophone for us.  One of my favorite memories was helping him put his music in order after rehearsals and gigs were over.  He always wanted to pay me and I always said "No Bob!  I would do it for you any time."  Once in a while I would get home and find a $20 bill tucked away in my purse."

CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band

In 2002, Cindy formed the CinCyr-ly Yours Jazz Band.  This jazz band consists of piano, bass, drums, and saxophone, occasionally adding guitar, trumpet, and trombone.  The band plays for weddings receptions, country clubs, private parties, fundraising events, restaurants, dances, banquets, and more...

She has sat in for a few other bands from time to time, including the Moondance Band, Mark Holter's Renegades band, and others.

All Around Delightful Quotes about Cindy

  • "With the energy of Judy Garland and the vocal smoothness 

and clarity of Ella Fitzgerald, Cindy, You're the Top!"

  • "Cindy, You Are One of Houston's Finest Entertainers!"

  • "I could feel the emotion in every word you sang."

  • "Beautiful Voice!"


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A Tribute to Texas Jazz Central Big Band

Cindy was the lead singer with the Texas Jazz Central Big Band for 16 years (1996-2012). The band was also known as SE Texas Jazz Band.  The band consisted of 12-18 pieces and performed a variety of music from the 1920's through the 1980's.   The band performed at Country Clubs, Wedding Receptions, Private Parties, Fund-Raising Events, Restaurants, Dances, and Banquets.

Some of the Bands regular clients were: Birra Poretti's Restaurant in River Oaks (every Monday night for a long time), the St. Catherine Montessori School, the annual Metro Awards Banquet, Buffalo Fred's Ice House, Crabby Daddy's, as well as Retirement Communities and many other venues.  The band also gave three to five free concerts each year at the Heinen Theatre on the campus of Houston Community College, where the band rehearsed, and performed occasional sock hops as well. 


The band began as a jazz ensemble class at HCC and Mark turned it into a professional working band.  The band was in existence for 21 years.  Most of the band members remained with the band for 15-20 years.

Cindy won two awards for "Outstanding Musicianship" at the GCIC Jazz Festival, which the band participated in every year.  While mostly an instrumental jazz festival, Cindy sang on a few occasions at these events.

Texas Jazz Central Big Band has two CD's that feature Cindy, "When Sunny Gets Blue" and "Almost Like Being In Love".  These CD’s feature music from the early 1920’s to the 1980’s in big band and jazz style arrangements.  

From Cindy - About Texas Jazz Central
“I absolutely loved singing with the Texas Jazz Central Big Band.  It was one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I have grown tremendously in my skills as a singer.  The band was always fun and energizing to me.  I always looked forward to rehearsals and gigs with the band.  Sometimes, it was the highlight of my week.

"When I first started, I had never sung with a band before.  Mark Holter, the director of the band and an outstanding saxophone player, took me under his wing and taught me everything.  He was the third person who came along in my life that I consider to be a great mentor to me.  I will always be grateful for everything he taught me."

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Delightful Note From Cindy
Cindy's Work with Big Bands
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