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About Cindy

Music in Senior Care

Providing the Senior Community

with Music Programs

Since 1987

Delightful Note from Cindy

A Delightful Note from the Heart of Cindy

"My goal in music has always been to bring joy and happiness to as many people as I can by sharing my gifts of music, acting, singing, and dancing to everyone.  If a heart can be touched, a smile can be lifted, and a renewed sense of energy and hope can be felt, then I know that I have done my job well."  

"Music has always played a special part to bring joy to the hearts of many people.  I believe it is my special gift from God to share in this lifetime.  I thank God for this gift."

"I have had many wonderful experiences performing for people over the years.  I particularly enjoy performing for seniors.  It brings a lot of joy to my heart to see the happiness that it brings others.  I believe that music is very healing to the audience."

"I particularly cherish all of the gifts I have received from the seniors throughout the years.  The arts and crafts handmade with loving care out of ceramics, construction paper, and paper plates, to the plastic Easter egg with my name engraved on it, as well as the hand painted water colored pictures.  I have enjoyed the flowers and cars, as well as the cards with a $1.00 tip left anonymously on my music stand.  These gifts, as well as many others, are most precious and dear to my heart.  I have kept them all."

Cindy's Work with Seniors

Cindy specializes in bringing quality music programs to the senior community.  She has performed for more than 400 Senior Organizations and averages 260 performances per year.  Senior clients include performing for Retiree Groups and Organizations, such as Rotary Clubs, Churches, Exxon Annuitant Club, Texas Instruments, Newcomer’s Club of Houston, and many others.  She has also performed for many Retirement & Assisted Living Communities, as well as Nursing Homes, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia facilities.  Her performances has primarily been in the Houston and surrounding Metropolitan areas.  She has also performed for seniors in other cities and states including San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, TX as well as Louisiana, Missouri, and Kansas.


Singing Shows for Seniors

Cindy began performing for the senior community in order to gain experience performing in front of groups.  She began performing as a dancer of ballet, jazz, and tap, and Rockette style line dancing with a group of girls.  She formed a group called  "Reel to Real Entertainers" and began bringing a variety show to the senior communities.  After that, she began performing as a solo artist.  Along the way she began to experience the powerful effect that music had in their lives.  As a result of this experience she fell in love with this generation and turned her performances for them it into a full-time singing career.  She has been coined by her audiences as an “All Around Delightful Entertainer!”  

Cindy’s All Around Delightful Singing Shows are designed with the adult senior community in mind.  While Cindy sings and tells the stories of these great songs, artists, and eras, she gets her audience engaged in the music making process by singing along, and sometimes even gets them up dancing. She has created more than 25 different shows to choose from depending upon the theme of your event or particular holiday season.

These all-around delightful shows and sing-alongs bring about a sense of joy and fulfillment, a lifting of one’s spirit, engagement, fun, camaraderie, and group participation.  Her programs also yield many health benefits of music including stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, memory recall, and more…


Cindy’s shows feature the music of popular big band and jazz standards, as well as Broadway show tunes.  These shows highlight the careers of popular artists of jazz and film, such as Judy Garland, George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Nelson Riddle, Harry James, Jimmy Dorsey and Glenn Miller.  While Cindy encourages singing along at all of her shows, she has created specific sing along shows which feature American and Irish folk music, Gospel, Patriotic and Christmas specials.  

All Around Delightful Quotes about Cindy

“Your performance was delightful!”

 “I was really feeling down, and you lifted my spirit!”

“Cindy, you are like a ray of sunshine that brightens our lives.”


To read more quotes about Cindy's work with seniors visit: Delightful Quotes

Mini Miracles - Therapeutic Value of Music 

"Many miracles have taken place in the years I have been performing.  I call them "Mini Miracles". These are just a few of the wonderful experiences I have had the privilege of witnessing.

  • I’ve seen people who have been unable to speak for such a long time suddenly open up and begin sharing many of their life stories with me.  

  • Patients with a tracheotomy participated as best they could to sing along in the audience participation.  

  • Patients who can’t speak well begin to sing along perfectly.  

  • Many seniors have expressed tears of joy after hearing songs that brought back memories of the past.  I have had many opportunities to share in this joy listening to their stories.”

Drumming with Seniors

Cindy has always had a pioneering spirit.  She blazed the trail in Houston for Drum Circles for Health and Wellness with Seniors.

Cindy longed for ways to bring more programs to seniors that would benefit their health through music.  In 2010, Cindy was trained by REMO in their HealthRHYTHMS protocol which was designed by neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman, and world-renowned music therapist Christine Stevens.  This program protocol is a scientific evidence-based program that delivers these results.  In 2011, Cindy began facilitating drum circles for health and wellness.  Cindy’s pioneering spirit blazed the trail for drumming with seniors in the Houston and surrounding area communities.  Cindy regularly provides these programs and averages close to 200 drum circles each year with seniors.  See Drumming Testimonies and Drumming Photo Gallery to see more.  To learn about the Health Benefits of Drumming visit Why Drum in Senior Care.

Drumming at the Walk to End Alzheimer's

In 2015, Cindy brought drum circles to 7 Walk To End Alzheimer's Events in the Houston and Surrounding Areas.   See Drumming Photo Gallery to see pictures from the walks, and Drumming Testimonies to learn more about this rewarding and heart warming experience.  Read the article Cindy wrote called "Beating Out Alzheimer’s Disease at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!"  by visiting: "Why Drum?" under the "Seniors" section of articles. 


When the Music Starts - An Alzheimer's Song

Visit here to read Cindy's poem "When the Music Starts" about her experience with the power of music for seniors with Alzhiemer's disease.

Cindy's Work with Seniors
Singing Shows for Seniors
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Therapeutic Value of Music
Drumming with Seniors
An Alzheimer's Song
Walk to End Alzheimer's
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