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Clavinova Connection
Student Testimonies
Voice Student Testimonies
Misti Moore
Southern Girl
Warner Brothers / Block Entertainment
Nicoya          Misti        Angela
For the past year and a half, working with Cindy has been absolutely wonderful!  
Over time I have gained confidence and the ability to sing all by myself.  At first,
singing solo was very scary.  I was use to singing in between two other singers,
Nicoya and Angela, in my trio group called
Southern Girl.  But Cindy helped to
draw me out of my comfort zone and develop my self-confidence to sing alone.  At
first, she had to stand right next to me when I would sing with the big band
Jazz Central
, and sometimes she still does.  But I have made great progress.  She
taught me how to read musical scores, count rhythms, interpretation of big band
style, and she has helped me to develop a big band repertoire.  She has given me a
lot of support and she appreciates my R & B style of singing.  Although it is such a
drastic difference, Cindy and I have come up with a way to blend the two styles
of R & B and Classic Big Band music and make them work.  She gives me good
constructive criticism about my singing and compliments me when I come up with
my own creative ideas.  In the end, although in such a short time, I feel that I
have learned so much and I will never forget this experience.  Through it all, it has
never been rough and I've gained a great friend!
Cindy's teaching helped me with breathing.  Not only in
between stanzas while singing, but also in general.
Edward Rojas
I am very happy with the Clavinova Connection course that I took with Cindy St. Cyr.
 I find the course to be an efficient blend of music therapy and music and keyboard
lessons.  Cindy is a great motivator, and her vibrant personality makes each class a
fun experience.  Cindy displays a great expertise with the technical-electronic
aspect of the course, navigating through the various music exercises.  She also
gives a personal touch of love and acceptance in dealing with the students.  I will
tell my friends that the course is well worth the time and money.
Grace Taylor
These four lessons, Play by Christmas, have been a most exciting incentive to
continue.  I've never had piano instructions before and felt quiet apprehensive.
 I am a great grandmother and thought my age was a barrier.  Now I have
great confidence that I will succeed in my endeavor.  My instructor, Cindy, was
very knowledgeable of the material and she was patient and kind.  I am looking
forward to the next series of lessons.
Piano Student Testimonies
Playing the Piano really helps me unwind after a long day of essays and end of
course exams.  Even after sitting down 5 minutes just to play a few tunes, I come
back relaxed and refreshed, ready to tackle a new week.           - Marie, Age 14
Piano Student, Marie, Age 14