One day while checking my e-mail I saw something from my grandmother that
referenced the Italian Festival.  It seemed normal as we are always kept up to date on
these kinds of events.  When I opened the e-mail it read simply: “Start practicing, I
have entered you” and the attachment was for a singing contest that was being held at
the festival this year.  There would be auditions in a few weeks and I needed to pick a
song.  I called my grandmother and was informed that she really had signed me up so I
needed to get to work!  God love my family - they really do believe in me.  Every
weekend from that day on was set to sing in front of my mom, uncle, and
grandmother.  The song that got picked for the audition did not have requirements; we
just had to sing something acappella.  The first audition went well and I got an e-mail
tell me that I was going to be singing in the contest at the festival.  

My grandmother, mom and I set out to find some music.  The song at the festival had
to originally be sung by an Italian.  We went to a store and picked out a few CD’s to
listen to.  A few nights later I meet up with my Uncle to listen to what we had bought
and to narrow it down some.  We listened to bits and pieces of everything and picked a
few out to bring to the rest of the group.  Everyone agreed on the song “I’m Alright”
by JoDee Messina.  Between my mom, grandmother and uncle I think I was called
every day to make sure I was practicing and learning the words.  My uncle was also
friends with a vocal coach and singer, Cindy St. Cyr, and he set me up to meet with
her.  He stayed with me during the first practice, helping to come up with ideas.  Cindy
gave us the link to where to find the soundtrack for the song.  That evening, after
practicing, my uncle and I looked it up, bought the soundtrack, and typed the words up
for me to practice with.  After that I had about two meetings a week with Cindy to
work on my vocals and movements during the song.  And on the weekends I still got to
sing for my family.  

I did not end up winning the contest but it was a lot of fun to get to spend the time with
my family and Cindy.
CinCyr School of Voice & Music
Cindy St. Cyr
713-464-SING (7464)
Houston, Texas
Italian Festival
October 11 - 12, 2008

Voice Student, Ann Radar,
makes it in the top 5 out of 70 contestants in the
30th Annual Italiana Festival
singing competition!
Read her story below!
I am very proud of Ann for her
accomplishment!  This was her first
solo performance in front of an
audience and she overcame great
obstacles in her path.  She is a trouper
sustaining great courage!  

Her family support from her Uncle Vic,
as well as her mom and grandmother
were truly valuable and inspiring to

I had a wonderful time coaching Ann
and being a part of this event.  I look
forward to more opportunities to work
with such a talented and beautiful girl!

Love you bunches, Cindy,
Your vocal coach, teacher & friend!

 Read her story below!