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Cindy sings at a Private Party
Cindy in her first One Woman Show
Cindy sings at a Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Tx
Cindy sings at a Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, TX
Cindy sings at a Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, TX
Cindy sings at a Wedding
Cindy wins 1999 GCIC Jazz Festival Award for Outstanding Musicianship
Tx Jazz Central Big Band at GCIC Festival in Baytown, TX - 2003
Tabitha, Cindy & Mark singing in concert at the Heinan Theatre
Cindy singing at the Sock Hop at HCC with Texas Jazz Central Big Band
Cindy singing with Texas Jazz Central in Concert at the Heinan Theatre
Residents welcome Cindy at a local Assisted Living Home
Cindy leads a sing-a-long
Cindy with residents from a local nursing home
Cindy shakes hands with a resident who tells her how much she enjoyed the show.
Cindy performing at a Retirement Home in Kansas City
Cindy pins a Mother's Day flower on a resident at a local Nursing Home
84 year old Helen Zougner singing with Cindy during a fundraiser Rock-A-Thon for Texas Children's Hospital held at Memorial Oaks Guest Home
Cindy sings to a resident at the Valentine Party
Cindy makes front page news in the Huntsville, Texas newspaper performing her Patriotic Show at the Retirement Home
Cindy performs her Patriotic Program
Cindy honors a war veteran during her Patriotoc Show at a nursing home in The Woodlands, Tx
Cindy sings Patriotic Music
Cindy and the singing Christmas Tree performing at a local nursing home
Cindy performs her Christmas Program at the nursing home
Cindy sang for many years at Target during Senior Citizen Christmas Shopping Day
Cindy poses with a senior at Target during Senior Christmas Shopping Day
Cindy with Activity Director Sheila Gallien
Cindy dancing with a senior at a local Retirement Home
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