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This collection is a
great place to start!
Enough drums for
13 people plus
some percussion!

Cindy's Tip -
To add additional
drums to this
collection at a low
price my
would be to add
the Frame Drum
Collection.  This
would give you 6
more drums!

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                Not-So-Loud TALL Tubanos
Size            MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
10" x 24"       $175.00                $73.65                        $101.35  
12" x 24"       $206.00                $86.70                        $119.30
14"x  25"       $226.75                $95.45                        $131.30

The NSL Tall Tubanos are a new voice in drumming. The
construction of the drumhead was formulated to eliminate the high
overtones and midrange tones commonly found in all types of

             Not-So-Loud SMALL Tubanos
Size            MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
10" x 14"       $154.25                $64.90                          $89.35  
12" x 14"       $175.00                $73.65                        $101.35
14" x 14"       $195.50                $82.30                        $113.20

NSL Small Tubanos are designed to provide quality sounds with
effective volume control from an acoustic instrument and is an
excellent alternative when high volume is not permitted. Playing the
NSL Small Tubanos with soft mallets produces a mellow bass tone
that is easy on the ears and can be further reduced using the VCC,
Volume Control Caps. Three NSL Small Tubanos easily nest and
have a combined weight of 29 lbs. make it very portable with a
carry handle. The construction of the drumhead was formulated to
eliminate the high overtones and midrange tones commonly found
in all types of membranes.
            Not-So-Loud Drums & Percussion

The NSL Series of drums and percussion instruments were
developed with the need to be able to play in a group or individual
setting where loud volume sound emission is not permitted. Great
for any indoor activity like drumming in apartments or class
rooms, condo, hospital, etc.

The application of group drumming, in many forms, continues its
growth in fun recreational gatherings, general and music education
settings as well as medical facilities of various types across the
globe. Drumming without disturbing those nearby, presents a
challenge that must be addressed…Remo has done so with the
NSL Tubanos.

Each drum is equipped with a pair of soft NSL mallets, and Sound
Control Cap.  Remo Not-So-Loud Tubanos feature an Island
Finish.  NSL Tall Tubanos are Nestable inside each other and are
portable with a carry handle on each drum.
                     Not-So-Loud Djembe
Size            MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
10"x 20.75"   $185.25                $77.95                        $107.30
12" x 22"       $216.25                $91.05                        $125.20

The NSL Djembe is light weight and can be played with the hands
like a traditional djembe seated or standing using a drum strap.
When applying the Volume Control Cap (sold separately) to the
NSL Djembes the decibel levels are reduced dramatically and will
be a welcomed feature when loud drumming is not appropriate.

    Not-So-Loud Sound Shapes - Set of 6
Size            MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
Set of 6          $117.75                $19.55                             $68.20
    ◦1 each - 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16" NSL Sound Shape
    ◦6 mallets

The Remo NSL (Not-So-Loud) Sound Shape multi pack of 6 drums
is wonderful for all ages.  Sound Shapes are easily stored, portable
and stackable.  These drums have been tuned with a lower pitch
and made with a softer, textured drumhead material - allowing
them to be not as loud as the regular Sound Shapes - great for
places where sound levels are a concern.
                    Not-So-Loud Ladoumbe
Size              MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
10"x 13.25"     $133.50                $56.20                             $77.30
14"X 13.25"    $154.25                $64.90                             $89.35

The Not So Loud Ladoumbe is played by sitting the drum on the lap
with the tube between the legs, and playing with the hands.  A strap
is included for added stability.
             Not-So-Loud Volume Control Caps
Size              MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
10 inch              $14.50                   $7.25                             $7.25
12 inch              $14.50                   $7.25                             $7.25
14 inch              $14.50                   $7.25                             $7.25

NSL Volume Control Caps can be used on all Remo Mondo
drumhead 50 and 100 series products, such as key-tuned/pre-tuned
Tubanos and key-tuned/pre-tuned  Designer Djembes, to reduce
the sound while still allowing the drum to ring.  These caps are an
excellent option for drumming activities where high volume is not
                         Not-So-Loud Mallets
Size              MSRP        Save with Cindy        Your Price
1 Pair                $16.50                   $6.35                            $10.15

Remo Not So Loud (NSL) Mallets are created to produce less
sound when struck on the drum surface. One pair of NSL Mallets
come with each NSL Tubano drum and are also available
separately as a pair. These light weight mallets are made of a pine
wood shaft and a soft spongy foam head covered with durable
fabric. NSL Mallets can be used on Remo products like the 100
and 50 Series Tubanos to reduce the volume.
Retail Price                           $
Save with Cindy                  - $
Your Price                            $