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These Rhythmic Programs are specialized for a variety of  
  • HealthRHYTHMS
  • The Healing Drum Kit Workshop
  • Body Beat - A Game in Rhythmic Fun!



HealthRHYTHMS is a research-based group drumming protocol
which has demonstrated biological and pscyho-social benefits.  

HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming isn't about
successful drumming, rather the drum is used as a music-making
wellness tool for physical exercise, communication, creativity, self-
expression, and spirituality.  It has been proven to reduce stress on the
genomic level, strengthen the immune system, improve mood, reduce
burnout, and is a great exercise in music-making while exercising brain

HealthRHYTHMS Protocol was developed by neurologist Barry
Bittman, MD in collaboration with Remo Drum Company Remo, Inc.  
At the conclusion of the study of the immune system effects, Christine K.
Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, MA, Karl Bruhn, Father of the Music-Making
and Wellness, and Barry Bittman, MD worked together to develop the
training program to teach the specific protocol
which demonstrated a
healthful biological impact.  The protocol was named


The HealthRHYTHMS protocol is comprised of different activities
which include:

     1. Wellness Activities
     2. Ice Breakers
     3. ABC’s of Drumming
     4. Rhythmic Naming
     5. Entrainment Building
     6. Inspirational Beats
     7. Guided Imagery Drumming

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    The Healing Drum Kit Workshop!

With a venerable history as a healing art, it’s no surprise that scientists
are now finding measurable positive immune system changes following
one-hour drumming sessions.  

The Healing Drum Kit Workshop, Cindy puts into practice the
teachings and techniques of  internationally acclaimed music therapist,
Christine Stevens, to show you how to use the art of drumming to ignite
your creativity, release tension and anxiety, exercise the body, and
communicate with a power beyond words.  

A variety of
World Rhythms will be explored from Africa to Japan,
Life Rhythms for whole-body healing and Spirit Rhythms that liberate
creative energy.

Decorating & Personalizing Your Drum & Mallet -
  • You will have the opportunity to decorate & personalize your
  • You can draw, paint, color, write a personal message that
    encourages you.  
  • Design your drum to represent yourself using your own creativity.  

Workshop Sessions include:
  • Rhythms of Life – Breathing, Heartbeat, Walking,  Skipping,
    Dancing, Laughing, and Resting
  • Rhythms of Spirit – Relaxation, Release,  Playfulness,Creativity,
    Inspiration, Transformation, Power, and Vitality
  • Rhythms of the World – Taiko Matsure, (Japanese), Ayube
    (Turkey to Egypt), Clave (Afro-Cuban), Samba (Brazil), Rumba
    Guaguanco (a mix between African drumming and Spanish poetry
    & song), Agilablanca (Aztec), Econcon (West African), and
    Native American Indian (America)

The Healing Drum Kit Workshop - Required Tools include:
  • A quality 10" REMO™ Frame Drum
  • A Mallet
  • Miscellaneous arts & crafts to decorate Drums & Mallets

  Body Beat - A Game in Rhythmic Fun!

Body Beat is a drum circle without drums!  It is a game in Rhythmic
Fun designed to inspire your group to groove!!!  It was co-created by
Christine Stevens and well-known drummer and drum circle facilitator,
Slammin' Sammy K!

Body Beat uses five simple body percussion sounds (Snap, Clap, Slap,
Smack, and Tap) to make different rhythms that sound GREAT together
and inspire your group to groove!!!  

Body Beat does not require any musical experience.  In fact, there are
no notes or time signatures to read.  

Body Beat encourages you to:
     1. Snap your fingers
     2. Clap your hands,
     3. Slap your belly,
     4.Smack your thighs, and
     5. Tap your toes.

Body Beat uses 36 different sounds to make six different games for
anywhere from 4 to 70 people.  There are a few SURPRISES in store
as well that will get your group loosened up and "Go Wild".  There are
also some SERIOUS sounds that will give the rebels a responsible
"Beat Keeper" role.  

Body Beat is an immediate connector, giving an opportunity to laugh at
ourselves.  It is an icebreaker that breaks down boundaries.  It is a great
way to inspire success as it builds teamwork through rhythmic

Some of the excerpts on this page were taken directly from the websites and materials
of HealthRHYTHMS and Upbeat Drum Circles.
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