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The HealthRHYTHMS Essentials drum and percussion
collection features Remo world percussion instruments used
by doctors, nurses, music therapists, counselors, and other
healthcare professionals for providing group and individual
music making experiences in medical facilities, senior living
facilities, and wellness centers across the globe.

Our proprietary manufacturing process recycles
post-consumer (85%) and industrial (15%) wood waste and
transforms it into drum shells which are sustainable,
stronger than a traditional wood shell, have a consistent
composition for better sound production, and are
weather-resistant. Our beautiful HealthRHYTHMS finish
can easily be cleaned with water and many common household
or industrial disinfectants without harm to the finish or
sound. (Use in Healthcare)

Our new HealthRHYTHMS Essentials Collection includes all
the instruments needed to facilitate a HealthRHYTHMS

For new research on the benefits of group drumming for
long-term care workers, visit

The HealthRHYTHMS Essentials Collection Includes:

1 - 12" HealthRHYTHMS Key-tuned Tubano
1 - 14" HealthRHYTHMS Key-tuned Tubano
1 - 19" x 22" HealthRHYTHMS Gathering Drum
2 - 10" Medium Festival Djembes
2 - 12" HealthRHYTHMS Buffalo Drums
1 - Set of Not So Loud Sound Shapes
1 - HealthRHYTHMS Thunder Tube
2 - 10" Pretuned Tambourines
1 - Valencia Series 3 Tone Agogo Bell
1 - 16" HealthRHYTHMS Ocean Drum
1 - Set of one dozen lemon shakers
1 - HealthRHYTHMS Guided Imagery CD
2 - Sets of Maple Claves
1 - REMO Drum stick
Retail Price                           $3,225.00
Save with Cindy                  - $1,169.05
Your Price                            $2,055.95
This collection is a
great place to start!
Enough drums for
13 people plus
some percussion!

Cindy's Tip -
To add additional
drums to this
collection at a low
price my
would be to add
the Frame Drum
Collection.  This
would give you 6
more drums!

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collections see
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