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A Delightful Note
From the Heart of Cindy
My Goal

“My goal is to bring joy and happiness to as many people as I can by
sharing my gifts of music, acting, singing and dancing with everyone.  If
a heart can be touched, a smile can be lifted, and a renewed sense of
energy and hope can be felt, then I know that I have done my job well.”

Texas Jazz Central

“I absolutely love singing with the Texas Jazz Central Big Band.  It
has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.  I have grown
tremendously in my skills as a singer.  The band is fun and energizing to
me.  I always look forward to rehearsals and gigs with the band.  
Sometimes, it is the highlight of my week.”  

CinCyr Music Ministry & Productions

“Music has always played a special part to bring joy to the hearts of
many people.  I believe it is my special gift from God to share in this
lifetime.  I thank God for this gift.”

“I have had many wonderful experiences performing for people over
the years.  I particularly enjoy performing in nursing homes,
retirement communities, and the Alzheimer and Dementia facilities.  It
brings a lot of joy to my heart to see the happiness that it brings
others.  I believe that it is very healing to the audience.”

Click here to read the poem "
When the Music Starts" that I wrote
based on my experience singing for those who suffer from Alzheimer
and Dementia.

CinCyr School of Voice & Music

In January 2006 I opened CinCyr School of Voice & Music.  Teaching
voice, piano, music theory, and helping students reduce stress through
recreational music (Clavinova Connection) has been one of the greatest
joys of my life.  I look forward to making a difference in the lives of
my students by helping them to achieve their goals in music.

Cherished Gifts I Have Received

"I particularly cherish all of the gifts I have received from the seniors
throughout the years.  The arts and crafts handmade with loving care
out of ceramics, construction paper, and paper plates; the plastic
Easter egg with my name engraved on it; as well as the hand painted
water colored pictures.  I have enjoyed the flowers and cards, as well
as the cards with a $1.00 tip left anonymously on my music stand.  
These gifts, as well as many others, are most precious and dear to my
heart.  I have kept them all."

Therapeutic Value of Music

"Many miracles have taken place in the years I have been performing.  
  • I’ve seen people who have been unable to speak for such a long
    time suddenly open up and begin sharing many of their life stories
    with me.  
  • Patients with a tracheotomy participated as best they could to
    sing along in the audience participation.  
  • Patients who can’t speak well begin to sing along perfectly.  
  • Many expressed tears of joy after hearing songs that brought
    back memories of the past.  I have had many opportunities to
    share in this joy listening to their stories.”
  • These are just a few of the wonderful experiences I have had the
    privilege of witnessing.
  • So much more can be said about the therapeutic value of music
    than I have shared here.  This is only a taste.
  • Look for articles on Music Therapy at a later date."