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Cindy St. Cyr
An All Around Delightful

They sent me an angel
With a message from God
Her name was CinCyr
Forgiveness her rod.

She has seen the road
Which I walk down
Proving mountainous fears
Can come down.

By Lisa L. Lindley
acting, singing, and dancing.  To her credit, Cindy has performed in television,
commercials, industrial films, theatre, voice-overs and jingles, print-work and
other various singing and dancing productions.

As I read of Cindy, I realized this person truly uses her gifts in life.  Because I
am always curious, I had to know what made her tick.  Did she have the
answer to success which alludes many?  What separates those who do from
those who only desire?

As a child, Cindy could feel her inner calling, but there were other things taking
precedence such as survival and fear of people and rejection that she was not
able to focus and take lessons of any kind.  At 18 years old sitting on the couch
one night, she realized fear was here biggest obstacle to her desires and found
enough courage to decide to redirect her path.  First, Cindy started dancing
lessons and performing with Maxine Asbury.  Three years later, she began
voice lessons with Kent Banbury.  In 1987, she began pop vocals with Debbie
Beinhorn and in 1990 began her studies with Kitty Karn at Houston
Community College while pursuing a music and vocal performance degree.  
Her dancing continued with Delia Stewart and presently takes ballet at HCC
and jazz, tap, and street jazz at the West Houston Dance Center.

Cindy took her talents to the stage forming CinCyr Productions and began
entertaining in nursing homes.  From this experience many referrals came.

“It brings so much joy to me to watch the elderly people become involved in
the audience participation.  For the time I am there, I try to rekindle a part of
their past,” states Cindy.  It was at this point that her audiences coined her an
all around delightful entertainer.

Cindy in 10 years has come to the point of supporting herself as an entertainer,
which, as many know, is an accomplishment.  But she continued to explain that
her success really began in the latter five years.

“During the first five years I was spiritually scattered.  I made the decision at 18
to change my path and pursue my love, but I now call it a “mental” approach to
change.  Things were happening, but there were always obstacles.  I tried
directing the outcome.

The second five years was a spiritual approach to change.  “I attribute my
entire success to a spiritual relationship to God.  I found that if spirituality is
first in my life all other relationships work and my hearts desires are revealed.  
When I get off track, I get signals that things are not flowing easily, which is
basically anything other than a peaceful feeling.  To center myself, I meditate
and pray daily with an importance like brushing my teeth.  This, even over
career, is my priority because it is a relationship that sustains me and gives me
courage to do rather than dream.”

In 1989, Cindy attended a seminar by Tony Robbins and participated in the
firewalk.  States Cindy, “When someone can look beyond their fears and walk
across hot coals without even a blister, you begin to realize that there is nothing
unattainable.  First, make a decision what you want to do and do what it takes.  
Forgive your fears, even if they are unknown, move beyond them and act.  
One needs strong faith in ability and goals without listening to fear.”

Cindy continues, “I had to look beyond any negativity to do what I am led by
God to do.  If I feel any stagnation, I go within and the negative forces seem to
dissolve away.  Listening to inward messages gives one a road map, but action
manifests through determination, consistency, commitment, and persistence.”

After meeting with Cindy St. Cyr, I felt a peacefulness one achieves after being
in nature.  I understand the adjective “delightful” in describing Cindy, for in it
the word “light” is derived.  I know firsthand, with her shared experiences, I
saw a beacon piercing through the darkness of fear.

Lisa L. Lindley